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About the Real Living Wage

The real living wage is a rate of pay that is based on the cost of living and it is designed to ensure that workers can earn enough to support themselves and their families. The real living wage is set by the Living Wage Foundation and is higher than the minimum wage that employers are legally required to pay.

The real living wage is designed to ensure earnings are enough to cover the basic costs of living, such as rent, food, and bills. It is calculated based on the cost of a basket of goods and services that is representative of the minimum acceptable living standard.

Who is covered by the Real Living Wage?

The real living wage is designed for all our workers over 18+, regardless of their age or employment status. It applies to both full-time and part-time workers and to those on temporary or casual contracts. We, as an employer, sign up to the Living Wage Foundation's accreditation scheme and commit to pay the real living wage to all our team, including subcontractors and agency staff. We also pay our younger team members far ahead of the national minimum wage too!

Benefits of the Real Living Wage

Paying the real living wage can have a range of benefits for our teams. It means they can
earn enough to cover their basic living costs, which can reduce financial stress and
improve their overall wellbeing. 
By paying a fair wage, we can help improve the lives of of
team and support a more equitable society.

How will affect my visit?

You may find you are paying a little more for our services generally but this includes external costs such as electricity, gas, cost of food and many other factors which have increased. But, you'll get served by a motivated and friendly team who you are supporting being paid well for the work they do!

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